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Investing time, energy and money in a new country in a foreign language with a very different set of laws can be like venturing into shark infested waters. Get in touch with 7Winds to find out how we can help you navigate those waters safely.

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About us


7Winds Consulting, is a loose but binding association of experienced professionals specialist in their relevant fields. This deep pool of knowledge can be drawn upon to deal with most situations.

Add to this long-standing associations with professional entities both in the private and public sector help to facilitate a smooth passage through the bureaucratic minefield including negotiations with the banking, investment fund and private equity sector.

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The partners at 7W have been providing independent, constructive and practical advice and assistance to companies and individuals investing and operating in Portugal for over 30 years.

Our Service


7Winds provides a bespoke and detailed consultancy service tailored to each specific case it deals with.

Individuals looking to build a Portuguese real estate investment portfolio need adequate investment advice and tax planning, 7Winds can provide that advice whilst leaning on Hartley’s Real Estate Management to ensure that relevant investments are sourced, negotiated and transacted upon appropriately

Families looking to relocate to Portugal can benefit from the advice of our partners Passport to Portugal to make sure that residency is secured, and retained, in the most cost efficient way. Those looking to invest or start businesses in Portugal can then lean on 7Winds to provide the necessary advice and corporate structure to ensure a swift and efficient set up whilst always taking into account the sometimes cumbersome issues of international taxation.

SME's and sole traders looking to expand to Europe can benefit greatly from a Portuguese structure, perhaps this is a hedge against the fallout of Covid, or Brexit, whatever the reason may be 7Winds and its associates can provide comprehensive and detailed advice on the right way to proceed and ensure costs are kept to a minimum throughout the set up and ongoing management of the business operation.

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How can we help?

We have over a 3 decades of experience at our disposal. You always get the best guidance.

In the last 30 years we have seen all too many foreign investors, whether it be for a simple apartment or a major business acquisition, fall foul of less than ethical individuals and entities and get bogged down with procedural complexities. Sound, independent advice and guidance is always valuable but never more so than in 2020 and the next few difficult years.

Our Partners

As a member of the RGS group 7Winds has close relationships with a number of specialist service providers both in Portugal and abroad.

•    Tactia Lda: Tax planning and Accountancy
•    Harley’s Real Estate Management: Real Estate Consultancy, Contracting and Property management
•    St. James Global Private Clients
•    Brite Advisors
•    Passport to Portugal: Residency and Immigration consultancy
•    Contacts and representation in:



South Africa