Corporate Consultancy

Individuals or enterprises looking to invest into a new location need quality advice on how best to proceed. 7Winds Consultants look at each specific scenario and provide advice on the most appropriate way to proceed and provide constant support throughout the set up, management and adaptation of the business or investments undertaken.

Tax Planning

There are a number of solutions available in Portugal, be it individual benefits of the NHR or corporate benefits of having a limited liability company. 7Winds and its associates can help decide on appropriate structures to improve and streamline your tax situation in Portugal and abroad.


Accountancy and tax planning are crucial to good investment and business management. Selecting the correct structure is only as good as the accountancy that is done thereafter, whether it is personal IRS returns, corporation tax or VAT calculations 7Winds and associates will provide the needed support to make sure your affairs are looked after.

Fiscal Representation

All non resident individuals or corporations looking to invest in Portugal require initially a fiscal representative to ensure their fiscal registration and banking requirements are dealt with in an efficient manner. 7Winds handles this with minimal hassle and efficiency.

Nominee Directorship

Provide an experienced and dedicated nominee director to manage business interests and reduce costs and streamline processes and improve overall operation of the business and/or investment portfolios.

Trusts and Foundations

Protection of wealth and assets is increasingly important in a world where legitimate confidentiality is under threat from many sources. 7Winds have considerable experience in assisting those looking to preserve their assets for their lifetime and for future generations.